• Truth Talk

    The Label

    If you are reading this, Thank you. I am going to get real “real” here for a moment. I’m going to talk about something that has been weighing me and my family down…

  • Fashion

    Summer Vibin’ Swimsuit Edition

    It’s that time of year, the time of year we are all so anxiously awaiting, Spring and Summer. The winter was literally lingering and teasing us with sunshine and mild temps, right before…

  • Home Decor

    DIY Board & Batten Wall

    Before I hike up my tool belt and get into this jazz, let me mention I am by no means a diy’er. Nor is my husband. (We struggle in that department). Most of…

  • Fashion

    Simply Stef’s January Favorites

    How is it (mid) February already? Seriously, how? I’m not complaining, I’m definitely okay with this, the quicker we get out of this winter biznessss, the quicker we get to warmer weather.  Is…


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