A Lazy Wear-it Wednesday

This ensemble brought to you by – my pure laziness and lack of wanting to do anything but be in comfy clothes… So with that said, a presentable “lazy look” for this gloomy day! These stretchy jeggings by AE, are the super high waisted ripped denim and I can admit they are hiding everything! Hands down, love em’! Paired these babies with a boyfriend flannel and of course, (because they are basically a slipper allowed in public), my faux fur mules from Target.

When you absolutely do not feel like getting dressed… mom truth! BUT, the bus line is calling your name or that dentist appointment you’ve been trying to avoid is calling you in… here’s an easy, in a pinch, outfit.

Now, if your less of a hot-mess than I, AND you feel like doing your hair, (clearly NOT me), and you opt for a more “put together” look, add the booties to this one and even a fedora, for an added touch! The opportunities are endless!

Happy Wear-it Wednesday, my friends!

xo -Stef

All items are linked below!

AE NE(XT) Level Super High Waisted Ripped Black Denim

Old Navy Relaxed Plaid Twill Classic Shirt

Dicks – The North Face Shinsky Beanie

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