About Me

Hello, I’m Stefnie. I am a mom to Levi and Cruz and a wife to Josh. I was born and raised in Illinois, moved to Florida for college, where I ended up meeting my Air Force husband and we resided for nearly 10 years.  Then once separated we moved to his hometown in West Virginia.  I finished my Bachelors Degree in West Virginia and also received my National Board Certification in Radiologic Technology.

I took myself out of the corporate world and into the world of Stay-At-Home Mommin’  for nearly 3 years while sharing my interests and experiences of life, being an autism-mom and lifestyle, all with the world.  July 2019 we headed back to Florida, to sand, sunsets, and everlasting sun.

I’m a lover of fashion, fitness, home decor, health, and tacos, guac and of course coffee.

Welcome to my blog, of a little this and a little of that. Join me for this not-so wild ride of momm’in, life’in and wife’in. 

xo- Stef


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