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DIY Board & Batten Wall

Before I hike up my tool belt and get into this jazz, let me mention I am by no means a diy’er. Nor is my husband. (We struggle in that department). Most of the tools we owned came in a little pink case which are used for emergency battery changes of baby toys or to make 13 holes in my wall before I hit a stud – just sayin’.

With all that said, this board & batten wall was so easy and so worth the wait (I asked for it for my birthday a few years ago) and my awesome AF husband did it while I was out of town! Kudos to my man! It totally changed the look of what was a very boring-new build-lifeless entryway. I am so pleased and I hope you are too!

I wanted to do something a little different with the decor aspect of this wall. Because I am fairly minimal/modern/boho-chic in my home, I wanted my wall to represent that as well. So my little touches of farm with boho really stand out. The “welcome” sign was a purchase from Hobby Lobby, but I do have the same sign linked if you are needing to shop online. The bench was a TJMaxx find, and like Hobby Lobby, there is not a way to purchase the exact bench online. Therefore, I linked a few similar benches that would look equally amazing in your entryway. The pillows are a steal of a deal from my Amazon Store Front! 4 pillow covers for under $40 (2 of the 4 seen here)! They definitely make the bench!

For the wall construction: (Our wall width is 6′ and 1-3/8″, therefore our width dimensions are based on this measurement)

Supplies Needed:

For the horizontal panels-

1×6 (trimmed)

For the vertical panels- 

1×8 (trimmed)

For the shelf- 

1×3 (toed in using a Kreg Jig)

1/4″ round shoe

How to:

First, we decided how tall we wanted the wall.  We decided on 6ft and 5″ which includes the small 1×3 picture ledge.

We measured from the top of our baseboard (which we left on and did not remove for this wall). Next, we measured our wall width and trimmed our horizontal pieces to fit. We also took our vertical board which would be covering our outlet and cut that out. Obviously we did not want to cover our outlet. Besides the few trimmings, this wall was pretty easy to construct, (now my husband may have his own thoughts) I did hear a few cuss words.

We screwed the panels to our original wall (we did not add anything underneath), so the panels are directly over the drywall. We used wood screws to nail into the studs.  We puttied the nails as well as the crosshairs where the vertical and horizontal boards met. We then sanded, and painted.

The small picture ledge was added afterwards which consisted of the 1/4″ shoe AND a 1×3 piece of wood. The shoe was Kreg Jigged into the 1×3. (I seriously cannot even believe I’m writing these terms) – who am I?

The panels and shelf were screwed in using wood screws, puttied, sanded and painted. We chose a basic white paint. Nothing fancy. We’re not fancy people. And actually I’m sure my husband probably walked in to Lowe’s paint department and literally asked for a can of white paint and got just that.

This is our final project. It’s not perfect, I’m sure we may have so uneven cutting, mounting etc., but it’s perfect for me.

If you are familiar with the LIKEtoKNOW.it (free) app… I have most of these items (or similar) linked for purchase online. There are a few items which I bought from TJMAXX that we obviously cannot shop online. So you can either check your local store or see my similar items.

My linked items/stores are all located in the top left corner menu ( the three lines), if you click them, it’s a drop down menu… LIKEtoKNOW.it, Amazon and Target are the main resources for the look I’ve went for here.

(Or here is the LIKEtoKNOW.it app link, hit cancel to see the products: http://liketk.it/2AdGe)

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop them to me on my contact form! I’ll be glad to answer!

I hope you all make it a great day!


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