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    Gifts for the ‘Guys’

    Being that it is Cyber Monday and all, now is the perfect time to sit back, relax, sip your fourth cup of joe, and shop! Right?! Okay, let’s get to the nitty gritty.…

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    Black & White, and everything nice!

    So this weekend was a big one for shopping, right, a little shopping overload, if you will! Black Friday began Thursday evening and basically ran all weekend….now, onto Cyber Monday! Whose ready?! I’m…

  • Fashion

    A Winter Mix

    Helloooooo Tuesday! Pour me a strong cup of Joe because hot damn, it is Tuesday and it feels like Monday.  I’m on the struggle bus. But, I’m ready to dish on my most…

  • Fashion

    Love Yourself & Your Denim

    By now, you know I have a love for furry, fuzzy things… I can’t get enough of this sweatshirt. Love, love, love. I may or may have not worn this three days in…

  • Fashion

    It Snowed! So, Let’s Talk Boots!

    The day has come, the flurries have officially made their way to the Northeast. So let us discuss boots! When shopping for the perfect boot, I think we can all agree that warmth,…

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    Wear-it Wednesday

    Currently the Northeast is in that awkward stage of weather. You know, the temperature between fall and winter. Like a teeter-totter, trying to decide, which side it’ll land on, but not before teasing…


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