Cranky Cruz

       Meet Cranky Cruz

August 2016, we found out our family of three was about to become “Durbin: Party of 4”.

Excited and scared, we couldn’t wait to welcome this little bundle.

All my husband and I ever wanted was a healthy tiny human. However, he was OBSESSED with having a healthy tiny human. He’s considered a “worrier”. Worried the entire 36 and a half weeks of this pregnancy.

What do you know, our little bundle was coming a little early, unexpectedly. And so… he worried some more as my contractions progressed and we rushed to the hospital (as much as you can rush, 22 miles away). Nurses decided after an hour, that the baby was coming.

Our sweet Cruz Xavier came into the world on February 21st, just 9 years and 364 days after his big brother. Isn’t that something?!

I didn’t get to see him but just a few seconds before they took him to the NICU…he was making some concerning noises which eventually turned into his O2 levels to randomly drop.

Concerned, our Doctor had sweet Cruz transported to the big city to the Children’s Hospital. From there, things have yet to slow down.

God blessed me with a husband who constantly worries and a sweet baby who has had some issues along the way and who makes my husband continue to worry.

At 2 months, Cruz was constantly crying and seemingly in pain, Assuming it was my breast milk causing him discomfort we switched to a sensitive formula. He was then diagnosed with severe silent reflux. As new parents we tried everything we could to help him. Unfortunately some things are out of our control. He was in much pain throughout his infancy and many medications and higher doses later, we are still battling. The reflux caused him not to be able to eat, do tummy time, crawl, among lacking in other ‘normal’ infant milestones. So after much back and forth and mis-diagnoses, at 12 months old, Cruz had three therapists. All because of the awful reflux, he is delayed in all aspects.

He refused baby food at 6 months. He choked or gagged on many foods when attempting. So from then on he was only bottle fed. Slowly with the help of therapy and lots of homework, we are making progress. He has an occasional struggle swallowing/chewing, to which I’m always prepared for the possibility of Heimlich Maneuver. Sad to say, I’ve almost perfected.

Cruz walked before he was able to crawl. The pain was so agonizing for him, he couldn’t stand to be on his fours or his belly. Today, I’m a proud mom of a crawler/walker/runner/climber! Today, at 17 months old, we have four therapists: Physical, Occupational, Developmental and Speech.

Reflux is no joke. It has caused not only our sweet Cruz pain and discomfort but our family has definitely struggled with the stresses that go along with seeing him in pain as well as the therapies he endures.

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