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Exercise & pregnancy

Not going to lie…..not even one bit…when I was pregnant in 2016-17, I really just wanted to sit back, devour my brownies and eat pizza.  Don’t get me wrong..I did. But in moderation. I also expected the weight to magically disappear. Don’t we all?

Not sure how I balanced, but I did!

I wanted to keep up my fitness regime, so I followed an online trainer (FREE!), the workouts came right to my email (a 15 day workout, that I just repeated throughout my term). Trainer Lindsey offers excellent advice on workout technique while pregnant and postpartum. Weekly, I stuck out the workouts (along with treadmill walking) as I got BIGGER…and BIGGER…challenging, I did it.

One of my favorites, Abs on the ball.

I encourage any, preggo mommas to-be to check out “Mommy Trainer 15 Day Workout Challenge” aka Trainer Lindsey , she is the real deal, has been through it all, just like us. Her videos, include a Pregnant momma & a Postpartum momma, so you can do the videos at whatever level you feel comfortable. Pretty amazing!

Check out the challenge and videos here: 15 Day Fit Mommy Challenge

Exercise, then eat your pizza, Mommas!

xo- Stef

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