Gifts for the ‘Guys’

Being that it is Cyber Monday and all, now is the perfect time to sit back, relax, sip your fourth cup of joe, and shop! Right?! Okay, let’s get to the nitty gritty.

Who here, has trouble gifting for men? If you could see me right now, on the other side of this screen, I’m the first one to raise my hand! ME! I do! I mean, women, we are so easy! Jewelry, sweaters, scarfs, perfume, slippers, robes, throws, appliances…. you get my drift. Basically anything from Target, am I right? But men, my goodness, that one gets me every. single. year. I seriously lose sleep over this.

What do men want? I mean, I have a pretty darn good idea, but we won’t be discussing that here! So, gifting for a man is a tricky one, even with my own man. He’s the type, that when he wants something, he usually just goes and gets it, and likewise, I am the same way. So when it comes time to actually open a gift, we are stumped. We usually buy something we don’t want or we don’t need, and we only smile and grin and accept it because well…. it was a “gift”.

Well, let me help, all of us ladies out! I have researched and have come up with 10 great gifts for men! From the Outdoorsmen, to the DIY’er to the Sportsman…..I’ve got you covered. 


  1. For the Tech Savvy- Sport enthusiast: The Garmin fenix 5xOn Sale for $499.99. This watch allows the user to preload maps for the easy of tracking all fitness excursions. Definitely worth it for the outdoor fitness tracking capabilities.
  2. For the DIY’er: Dewalt 20 Max Lithium-ion Cordless Power Tool Combo KitOn Sale for $379. Every man deserves a good set of Power Tools and Home Depot has you covered.
  3. For the Camo-loving Slipper Wearer: Sorel Camo Falcon Ridge SlipperOn Sale for $49.90. The man who wears these slippers, will thank you! Enough said. Soft suede upper, fur lined insole and natural rubber outsoles will allow him to take the pups for a walk, comfortably and most importantly all while staying warm.
  4. For the Money-managing Man: The Fossil Wade Bilfold Wallet: $40 & Free Shipping. This buttery soft piece of heaven is a mans wallet dreams, if they existed.
  5. For the Hardworking Boot-guy: Under Armour Boot Crew Sock: $17.49. For the underground miner, the above ground outdoor worker, these socks are for him. Guaranteed to keep them tootsies warm and dry.
  6. For the Man who likes to stay stylish & Warm: The North Face 1/4 Zip Gordon Lyons FleeceOn Sale for $60. Cannot go wrong here.
  7. For the Outdoor-men Who Love Smelling Good & and Outdoorsy: Polo RL Red Cologne. $60 This is a great cologne (my husband actually wears the exact scent). It is extremely masculine and just smells ‘good!’
  8. For the Music-loving Fitness-junkie: Beats by Dre Wireless EarbudsOn Sale for $99. Ahhhh- these are the best, we have two pair in our house and I couldn’t exercise any other way. Best earbuds all around. Definitely worth the penny and even better, $100 off!
  9. For the Man-NOT-Participating in ‘NO-Shave November’: Unscented Art of Shaving 5-pc. Shaving Set $24. This is a great shave set based on reviews, unfortunately my husband is one who participates in the famous “No-Shave November’. Otherwise we would gladly give a personal review.
  10. For the Beer-drinking-party-on the go-guy: Yeti Soft Cooler $200. Every man deserves this cooler, easy for on the go, beer-packin’ fun.

There are some great steals today for Cyber Monday….grab your thermos of coffee + whiskey and get them fingers clickin’ and shop for ALL the men in your life. Good luck!

Happy Cyber Monday!

xo- stef

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