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Y’all I have entered into a world I’ve always dreamt of!! Yup, you read that right! I am finally, FINALLY, a part of the biggest outfit & home decor inspiration community. Accurate to say, this has been a dream of mine since before I began my lifestyle blog this past summer. It took many tries & declines and more tries, but I’ve finally been approved and I am finally able to accurately and instantly display my looks & direct links for shopping! Yay!

LikeToKnowit – Stef_Durbin

Like Instagram, “Liketoknowit” is based solely on followers, so if you are a supporter of mine already, head on over to the liketoknowit app to start following. If you do not have the app, simple! All you need to do is:

1.)Download the LikeToKnowit App on your smartphone

2.) Sign up

3.) Search influencer – (me) ‘stef_durbin’

4.) and follow! Thats all.

You will be able to screenshot my outfits on Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook, and instantly they will be displayed to you via the LikeToKnowit app! So easy! So once you are following me, my outfit & home decor inspirations will all be linked by each item. This make shopping incredibly easy!

Please, join me for the inspiration of outfits and home decor! I look forward to sharing with you EVERY DETAIL!


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