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Every once in a blue moon, the husband and I will throw on some ‘real’ clothes, maybe brush our hair, and who knows, even spray a puff of perfume/cologne to hit up a restaurant, inhale our food, check on the boys, maybe exchange a few words and finish that hot date up with a trip to Walmart. That happened this past weekend… hands down the quickest date night ever! However, it happened, and for that, I am thankful to get that moment to unwind, sip my wine and enjoy the company.

I think the hardest part of mommin’, is not feeling like a human being. You go soooooooo long just focusing on your brood that you forget about yourself, who you are, (besides that hot-mess mom) and the wife who typically doesn’t notice her poor husband (guilty), and what drives you and makes you happy. You get lost in all the craziness…not only do you put yourself on the back burner, (some longer than others), you put your identity and your marriage, waaaayyyy back on the burner.  It’s taken a while, but I’m realizing how important it is, that even if it is a quick dinner and a Walmart run, – we are a couple, and we DO need that, every once in a blue moon.

Now, given, I feel like I have lost myself in the shuffle…and I’m working on that. But, it’s also important to work on the marriage aspect as well.  A lot has changed, for me, but also for the husband. Sometimes, I get so wrapped up in all the changes that have gone on with me, that I forget that he, too, is a person, and a lot has also changed for him as well.  I think, 11 years postpartum (Lol, and 19 months), that we’re finally, starting to make some progress.

With that being said, I just purchased the Navigator’s Council by Jeremy and Audrey Roloff. It’s a marriage journal designed for you and your spouse!  The purpose of the journal is to eliminate the thought that marriages are “unfixable”. As stated in the beginning pages of this journal, each week six questions will be asked to each other, we will then record our answers for each to read.  Doing this, will open a healthy line of communication on topics that are affecting us the most that week.  This journal does include a short devotional each week as well as a calendar to keep each other up to date on whats going on. Lets admit it, shit gets crazy, we miscommunicate or frankly, we DON’T communicate (which is definitely our biggest problem), so this journal/calendar will be a little guidance for our marriage. I think this is a step closer to bringing us more togetherness in our marriage and I look forward to sharing the experience with ya’ll!

So, I’ll go ahead and take this moment, to CHEERS! to our spouses (or significant others), for putting up with all the Mama-drama and to hopefully completing this journal and feeling a wave of relief overcoming us!

xo- stef

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