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Office Makeover on a Budget!

So we’ve been in our home for 3 years now and I’ve literally done NOTHING for my office/workout room. It houses a treadmill, metal chair and a few weights and exercise balls. Pretty sure the doors have been shut to this hot-mess of a room, for 3 years. When I decided to start a blog is when I decided my ‘work’ space was going to get a much needed facelift, motivation-if you will. First of all, I’ve got to do it on a budget, and second, I change my mind all too much, so I’ve got to live with my choices for a little while at least. I have finally narrowed down some pieces and have finished its mini-makeover. I’m a super simple gal when it comes to decorating. To me-less is better!

Luckily, I had a few pieces already, which helped keeping this makeover on budget-point.  To keep a room makeover – Simple and budget friendly, add greenery, a rug, a few pillows, a throw (for color incorporation) and a mirror.

You can definitely have a room makeover with simply rearranging furniture and adding (and taking away) pieces from other rooms in your home. ‘Simply’ work with what ya got!

I’ve linked most items, so if you like a particular item, you’ll know where to find it!


Metal Desk

Black LED Lamp

Project 62 Planter

Black Plastic Chair

Safavieh Area Rug

Gray Bookcase

Faux Snake Plant

Faux Fur Rug

Throw Blanket

 Wall Mirror with Shelf

 Straw Hat

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