• Fashion

    Sweater Weather

    Hot Damn! Ring the bell! 40% Off happening as we speak! I have never been a big sweater-wearer. Never. I love sweatshirts, hoodies, etc. However, American Eagle has really stepped up their sweater…

  • Fashion

    Winter, Not Quite A Wonderland

    It snowed, a little. And I do mean, a little. Which is fine and all, I mean it’s all pretty at first, but who loves the slushy mess after it mixes with dirt…

  • Family

    Love Always, Your Human.

    Death=debilitating. That’s the only word that pops into my head. My body is tired from crying, my head hurts, my heart is aching-literally, my thoughts are constantly being forced to seeing his sweet…

  • Fitness

    Run For Your Life

    Lets talk exercise! I know, its an awful time to be discussing this, but its also the best time, so you can start pondering the idea, of course, after we devour our turkey’s…


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