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Lets talk exercise! I know, its an awful time to be discussing this, but its also the best time, so you can start pondering the idea, of course, after we devour our turkey’s and ham and pies, and chocolate pieces of heaven. Obviously, the younger we are, our metabolism works a bit differently than our adult years. Throughout my young twenties, I didn’t have to work too hard, that was so nice and boy, do I miss that. However, after my first born (11 or so years ago), living in Florida, I struggled weight-wise until I began running again. I immediately felt better, looked better and had a better attitude and all. I began running, sort of competitively, but not really. If that makes any sense. More for my own PR’s. I ran my first half marathon in Chicago (by the way, if you want to run a marathon, the ROCK n’ ROLL series, are AMAZING!). Shortly afterwards, I moved Northeast with my husband to West Va. Now, when I moved to West Virginia, roads are not quite meant for running. I managed to run in the small town which was only about a 5 mile radius. I continued my half marathons, but this time, in Pittsburgh, and I won a race or two for my division.

My Sister & I – Pittsburgh Marathon 2018

When I moved to the outskirts of town and I started back to college (I’m a lifetime Student, if you know me, always in college). At this point, it began to be a challenge to keep up with. So I relied mostly on a treadmill, which, lets be honest, no one LOVES to run on a treadmill. I mean, seriously, where are we going? NOWHERE!? I hate that…its more annoying than anything. When you run, you want to literally see how far you go, and the treadmill, is simply opposite. You’re stuck in the same place you started 2 miles ago. Ugh. Plus the scenery is not always ideal. I hate running on gloomy days. It’s the pits. But again, I did it. I do it. After my second son was born, just under two years ago, running has sorta slipped through the cracks. It was all hunky-dory in the beginning when he napped three times a day. I could knock my run out in his first nap (I’m only a morning runner, I simply cannot handle running past 10am). So now that he’s only down to one nap, I’ve had to get a little creative to squeeze workouts in, and sadly, running has basically fallen off the list. My beautiful, less than 2 year old Sole F80, now collects more dust than it does miles. Waaaaaa!

Being raised by a Marathoner, who also is a Race Director for the Quad Cities Marathon and many other road races, and siblings who also run marathons and are Ironmen, its just one of those things, I feel like I always needed to do. It’s like folding laundry,.. nah, I don’t love it, but I HAVE TO DO IT. Same with running… until lately. I miss running, I miss knocking out my workout under 25 minutes, the sweat, the pride, the pain afterwards. Now, for quite some time, nearly two years, I’ve incorporated different forms of exercise in to get my 2-3 doses.  If I’m lucky, and the husband has a good schedule, I may squeeze in a run a week, but mostly, I rely on Popsugar Fitness Channel on youtube.

  Popsugar Fitness Channel

This has been my sweet, sweet saving grace for the past few years. It has a ‘gazillion’ (it’s totally a word) workouts, anything you can possibly ask for: yoga, weighted, bodyweight, cardio, kickboxing, dance, Victoria’s Secret Models workouts, Taylor Swifts workouts, treadmill, outdoor, it even houses some videos of the famous Beach Body instructors (I prefer Shaun T.), it has any type of video you could possibly think of AND for however much time you have to devote to a workout, ranging from 5 minutes up to 60 minutes or more! Not to mention, a wide variety of instructors. ALL. FOR. FREE. No memberships, no hassles, (except maybe, a random add here or there). But we can handle that right, its all for free?!

In a previous post, I mentioned how I worked out during my most recent pregnancy. I used my treadmill for walking AND I used Popsugar Fitness, which has instructors and programs dedicated to pregnant mommas. Now how stinkin’ amazing is that? Again, ALL FOR FREE!  Without Popsugar, I’d basically be where I was 11 years ago, completely unhappy with myself.

Like I mentioned, I do squeeze a random treadmill run in when I can – if it works out with our schedules. AND I also use my own weights, as well as, TRX. If you don’t know what TRX is, its also a game changer, and something that can go ANYWHERE with you, so completely portable, which means no excuses. TRX Suspension Training is all bodyweight training and if you download the APP you get workouts right from your phone, anytime you want. It may not look hard, but goodness, TRX is one of the most amazing workouts ever. Luckily for you, they are running a 30% off Sale right now because of Black Friday. YAY!

TRX Suspension Training

If you are looking to switch up your workouts, which is always nice to do, I encourage you to check out the Popsugar Fitness Channel on Youtube, you will not be disappointed. If you haven’t been working out at all lately, try the 10 minute videos for starters, and work your way up to advanced! You’ll be happy you did, and again, for free, on your time, when you want, how you want, with whichever instructor you want!

Exercise is so amazing for our bodies, more than just the fitness aspect, but to relieve stress. Let’s face is mommas, we’ve all got it. Some shape, some form. Wether it is 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there, get yourself moving a little everyday.  I know I am extremely guilty, some days just aren’t looking good for me. And that is completely okay. Just promise yourself, you’ll bounce right back. When you do, you’ll thank yourself. Your spirits are better, your overall outlook is so much better. I know when I do work out (I’m lucky to squeeze in 3 workouts a week) but I feel amazing and I am a better wife and most importantly a much better momma that day. Our babies rely on us. So run for your life! Get moving!

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Happy ‘horrible time for workout motivation‘ Exercising!

xo- stef


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