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Stef’s Sizz’lin Chicken Chili

Stef’s Sizzlin’ Chicken Chili – Easy peezy crockpot recipe too!

Makes approx 8 Servings

1 lb or about 3 Chicken Breasts

2 -15 oz. Cans Northern Beans, drained

2 Cups Water

1 -32 oz. Large Chicken Broth

Juice of 1/2 Lime

McCormick White Chili Packet

1 -10 oz. Can Rotel

1 -7 oz. Can Diced Green Chili’s


Cook and shred chicken (optional: you can cook chicken in the broth in crockpot on High 4-6 hrs, shred, then throw all ingredients in crock to cook an additional hour or so) – otherwise-

Place chicken in pot with remaining ingredients and cook on Medium for approx 45 min. And then Simmer.

Top with your favorite toppings! Suggestions below.

Optional toppings:

Fiesta Tortilla strips


Sour cream

Monterey Jack Cheese

Green salsa

I sure hope y’all enjoy this as much as we do! Especially on a “chili” night! Brrrr.

xo- Stef

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