• Fashion

    ‘Simple’ Style

    With all the Black Friday and Cyber week deals, you may have picked up a pair of black denim, or one of these amazingly soft V-necks from Old Navy. I’ll give you a…

  • Fashion

    A Winter Mix

    Helloooooo Tuesday! Pour me a strong cup of Joe because hot damn, it is Tuesday and it feels like Monday.  I’m on the struggle bus. But, I’m ready to dish on my most…

  • Fashion

    Love Yourself & Your Denim

    By now, you know I have a love for furry, fuzzy things… I can’t get enough of this sweatshirt. Love, love, love. I may or may have not worn this three days in…

  • Fashion

    Wear-it Wednesday

    Currently the Northeast is in that awkward stage of weather. You know, the temperature between fall and winter. Like a teeter-totter, trying to decide, which side it’ll land on, but not before teasing…


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