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Valentine’s Shm-alentin’es!

There was no mushy post or pic posted on Valentine’s Day for me. No love story, no gushy this or that. First of all, I get it. We need a celebratory day to announce to the world our affection for our spouses, lovers, children, dogs, cats, birds, insects, but shouldn’t we be doing that anyways? I do not mean to rain on the parade of V-day or be Negative Nancy, but I feel like it is just another human-designed-money-sucking holiday to overly spend on crap we do not need.  For example, my ass, it does not need the one pound heart shaped Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup ….but because you spent twenty dollars on it at the Dollar General, I’ll eat it and enjoy every second. I’ll just complain later, when my cellulite is a little more visible in my bathing suit.

My husband and I are not the mushy type. So maybe it is not our ‘holiday’. We are pretty laid back, not too showy, introverted lovers, have you.  We show each other by doing little things.  For instance, a few days ago, he brought me home my favorite ice cream.  Today, he grabbed me my favorite coffee drink (which is about four sentences too long for any man to order), as well as soup and salad.  A few days ago, I grabbed him a bag of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and his favorite Pistachios! Thats love – daily.  He also snuck in a basket of laundry – fully folded, mind you! So, I know he loves me long time. Everyday is Valentine’s Day in my eyes. Well, except for the days we don’t like each other.

To tell you the honest-to-goodness truth, my day started off chaotic. Sometime’s I feel like a single parent because of my husbands work schedule. So rushing in the wee hours to get my oldest on the bus, and my youngest fed (which takes him a good 40 minutes to eat -smh, he’s a super difficult kid, with three therapists, so you can imagine), and dressed and out the door for our 45 minute drive to attend his one-hour toddler class, you can see why I may have been in a bit of a mood to start my Valentine’s Day. The little guy had his worst day yet at his little toddler class, which I damn-near almost walked right out. He was a hellion…or maybe he’s entering into the terrible twos everyone talks about. Whatever it was, was a morning from HELL. The hubby had to work the afternoon, so it was me and the little boys to enjoy our V-day. AND- I opted out of playing Instagram, to party, hover-board style. Needless to say, the day got better and I soaked up all the giggles and cuddles. It was a great Valentine’s.

However, seeing all the mushy posts, sometimes I wish the hubs and I, would enjoy the mushy stuff like everyone else. I know in our early years of dating, back in 2001, he was all about flowers and dinners (pre-kids of course), and I think I basically told him to save his money, he doesn’t need to woo-me. He had me. But now, sometimes it is kinda nice to do everyone once in a while, a special night, and not necessarily on Valentine’s Day, but just a random night. We live an hour and half from Pittsburgh, so someday, I would love to just go enjoy the city for a day, have a nice dinner (the kind that you don’t wear mom-gear to, so that means, no yoga pants and dry shampoo mom buns) I mean the kind, you get to dress up, add a little puff of our favorite scent and some heels!

So maybe next year, my post will be about that special dinner, our special ‘Love’ day, on the town, …we shall see!

Hope you all had a wonderful week, enjoying your one pound Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and bushels of Roses!

xo- stef

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